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How to Avoid Power Struggles with Your Child with Autism

Ah, power struggles – the bane of every parent’s existence. Add to that the challenges of dealing with a child with autism, and you end up with a recipe for disaster. Or do you? With a few smart, well thought-out strategies, you may be able to put a stop to these battles before they even start. Drop the Rope Ask anyone who’s been there and they can tell you, power struggles can slip in before you realize what’s happening. The back-and-forth volley to see who’s calling the shots may involve simple verbal banter, or it can be physical as well….

Setting the Pace: How Long Does Autism Therapy Take?

As parents with newly diagnosed children review the steps involved in the Applied Behavior Analysis therapy model, parents often begin to wonder how many hours will be involved in a typical ABA treatment plan.  As with many broad questions like this, the answer is simply, “It depends.” For a child over the age of three, if the goal is to remediate skills – that is, to help close the gap between the child’s actual developmental level and the typical level for the child’s chronological age – 30 to 40 hours of intervention per week is typically recommended. For a child…

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