Comprehensive ABA Treatment

The goal of comprehensive ABA treatment is to bring your child’s functioning to levels typical for his or her chronological age or to maximize independence in multiple skill areas. This approach is intensive, typically with 26 to 40 hours per week of direct treatment, depending on your child’s age and needs. These hours may gradually decrease as your child progresses in independence and begins to generalize behavioral changes to other critical settings.

Although the recommended number of hours of therapy may seem to be too strenuous (particularly if your child is young), it’s important to remember that time spent away from therapy may move your child even farther away from the behaviors and goals you wish to achieve.

Initially, treatment involves 1:1 staffing in structured therapy sessions. As your child gains ground, more naturalistic treatment approaches such as small group formats may be added. Training and participation by you and other caregivers are also important components.

Comprehensive ABA treatment is generally appropriate for teaching:

• Cognitive functioning
• Pre-academic skills
• Safety skills
• Social skills
• Play and leisure skills
• Community integration
• Vocational skills
• Coping and tolerance skills
• Adaptive and self-help skills
• Language and communication
• Attending and social referencing
• Reduction of interfering or inappropriate behaviors

With comprehensive therapy, we will typically work with your child over a course of multiple years. The precise duration of treatment will depend on how well your child responds to the treatment. Throughout treatment, we will frequently and consistently monitor your child and adapt the treatment plan according to the progress your child makes.